Saturday, 12 June 2010

"diamonds are forever... they are all i need to please me...


..they can stimulate and tease me... they won't leave in the night, I've no fear that they might desert me..." so sang shirley bassey and of course marilyn did also establish that diamonds are a girls best friend and madonna that we are living in a material world and what better way to be a material girl than have diamonds around... on a necklace, on a ring... and on a watch of course :) following on from my RG RM11 post (scroll down a bit) and saying how that totally works, well uhm, this blingy RM10 does it for me better than the normal RM10s :) its gotta have some 'ice ice baby... vanilla ice ice baby... vanilla" [that literally sent chills down my spine brrrr]

Richard Mille RM10 from the Bling It On collection ;)

hmm actually i know a couple of guys who would wear this :)

the side that u won't get to see clearly after u've been blinded by the ice in front :)` i like the skeletonised movement so that u can see through to the front... nice...

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make sure your women partners don't see this yuh... don't tempt the temptresses ;)

right here stands a man with the power to make a diamond with his bare hands... well uhm i didn't make these diamonds of course... was just referencing kanye's diamonds are forever lyrics yuh... and of course he is talkin about one

so there u have it... great RMs for him and her/him in the base range. No tourbys but vaucher movements to RM specs... racing machine meets luxury and it works :)


Edwinek said...

No. A very expensive way to ruin a perfectly good watch...

raphmeister said...

Hi Edwinek, thanks for your comment.

i think its expected for these variants to happen. the ladies base RM, the RM7 is ok but there isn't much range for the fairer sex to choose from so, blinging up the RM10 gives the larger wristed ladies an option which is i believe a good thing.

do checkout pics of RM5 and RM10 here in my review ;)

i think its somehow lacking so this adornment may make it appeal more to some. if i had the $ to get just one RM though it would be the RM11 RG which i llloooovvveee... can't afford the nicer carbon baseplate tourby rattrapantes unless one goes for sub S$100k at auction and my sale of non-vital body parts goes through ;)

cheers, raph

Stefano said...

Two words: bling bling!

I had the chance to see a Reverso Gyro 2 (bling bling edition) with diamond all around recently. Great watch, but the diamonds didn't do it for me. I'm sure that watch will find a good home.

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